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Queen's Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday - Friday 27th May - School Closed

Home Learning

Nursery and Reception - Tapestry

Tapestry is an easy to use, secure online learning journal which allows both practitioners in school and parents at home to build up a picture of a child's learning journey.  You can either use the desktop version or download the app for your smartphone or tablet. 

Each day the teachers will upload videos for you to watch and learn new things.  There is a good morning video where the class teacher will explain the learning for the day.  Please write a comment on the post to say Good Morning and include your child's name so we know you are accessing the work.  There will be activities and challenges to complete too.  We will also post links to games to play or videos to watch to help you practise your learning or help strengthen it. We will also read you some stories throughout the week.
We love to see the learning you have been doing at home so please upload a photo or a video using the add observation button.
If you would like more information you can look here:

Year 1 and Year 2 – Google Classroom

Google Classroom provides a secure learning environment for our children and staff while the school is closed. Google Classroom enables teachers to create a safe online classroom area in which they can store activities for children to work through at home. Teachers and children are able to be interactive and talk about their learning, enabling teachers to help the children if they experience any difficulties with their work. Activities range from word documents to web links, and can include videos to watch, games to play and other multi-media learning resources. Assignments can be submitted to the child’s teacher and the teacher can respond to the children’s work.  Other web-based resources that you can access include The Bug Club, Purple Mash, Mathletics, PhonicsPlay and Discovery Education.


What to expect

We will teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible. Each morning the teachers will upload a ‘Good Morning’ message and will set out the activities for that day.  Please acknowledge this with a wave or a message, so your teachers know you have signed in.  Each day will include an English, Maths, phonics and topic activity.  It is expected that every child will sign in every day, and upload evidence of their completed tasks.



If you are struggling to access Google classroom because you don’t have a device at home, please contact the School Office as the school will be able to support you. We want ALL children to have access to Google classroom to be able to continue their learning at home.


You can download the Google Classroom app on your phone or IPad as this makes uploading photos or videos much easier for you. Just take a photo of the completed activities and upload so your child’s class teacher can still see all the wonderful work the children are doing.

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