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Value of the month: Generosity

School Values




A Value is a principle that guides our behaviour and thinking.


At Deansbrook Infant School, every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school. Values are intended to support the personal, social and spiritual development of every pupil throughout the school.

The whole staff team and pupils are involved in promoting values and recognising where others are ‘living the values’. We also value our parents and carers contributions and encourage the values we share in school to be talked about and practised at home and within the community.

Each month the children learn about a new value through assemblies and it is integrated in the learning throughout the day. Values are displayed in a prominent position in the main school and Nursery with suggestions on how the children can show the value with supporting photographs and captions. Children are awarded certificates or stickers when achieving the value of the month. There are 11 values over the year which also link to the British Values.


School Values 2018-19
















Understanding (Tolerance)










It is important to be generous with our actions,

our words, our time, with money and about generosity of spirit.

Value Ambassadors for Generosity

Gold Kiyan For always thinking of other children and putting them first.
Silver Javari For always being the first to offer help to others.
Turquoise Aljona She has a very generous personality and always gives her time to other children.
Green Nicholas He is keen to help other children and is always generous and kind natured.
Purple George He is very generous with his time and is always sensitive to his friends needs.
Orange Omar He is always happy to look after his friends and is keen to help them if they need something.


Taking turns, playing together.

Cooperation is everyone helping to get something done.

Cooperation is working together toward a common goal.

Cooperation is working together with patience and


Value Ambassadors for Co-operation

Gold Eva She is extremely helpful in class. If there are any last minute changes she is very adaptable.
Silver Emil He is always willing to help other children work together.
Turquoise Lexie For always following the rules and working well in a group.
Green Pierre He listens well and is always keen to work and co-operate with other children. He will always carry out instructions to the best of his ability.
Purple Romeo Very keen to co-operate in the class. He follows instructions carefully.
Orange Andrea She co-operates with everyone she works with. She is a super Maths partner.


Respect is about feeling good about yourself.

Respect is listening to others.

Respect is treating other people nicely.

Respect is knowing others are valuable too.

Value Ambassadors for Respect 

Gold Farmanullah Always respectful to his friends and adults in Gold Class.
Silver Francesca She thinks about how other children are feeling and makes them feel cared about.
Turquoise Sami He is always polite to other children. He has wonderful manners and is a real pleasure to have in Turquoise Class.
Green Subhan He is always polite and helpful. He shows great kindness and respect to other children.
Purple Hana She is always polite and well mannered.
Orange Shoaib He is always respectful to the children and adults. He always takes his turn to talk at carpet time.


Sharing things with your friends, not just toys but ideas,

Treating your friends the way you want to be treated yourself,

Always telling your friend the truth

Value Ambassadors for Friendship 

Gold Ashwyn For being a good buddy to our newest member of Gold Class.
Silver Cristian For being a good friend to our new class member.
Turquoise Genevieve For being very kind to children who are feeling left out.
Green Mara For always being kind and respectful to other children.
Purple Sefora For being very kind and helpful to new children in the class.
Orange Kiyaanali For being a kind friend to our newest member of the class.


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