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Value of the month: Appreciation

School Values





A Value is a principle that guides our behaviour and thinking.


At Deansbrook Infant School, every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school. Values are intended to support the personal, social and spiritual development of every pupil throughout the school.

The whole staff team and pupils are involved in promoting values and recognising where others are ‘living the values’. We also value our parents and carers contributions and encourage the values we share in school to be talked about and practised at home and within the community.

Each month the children learn about a new value through assemblies and it is integrated in the learning throughout the day. Values are displayed in a prominent position in the main school and Nursery with suggestions on how the children can show the value with supporting photographs and captions. Children are awarded certificates or stickers when achieving the value of the month. There are 11 values over the year which also link to the British Values.


School Values 2017-18
















Understanding (Tolerance)











We tell someone how hard they have worked and we want the best for them

Thinking about others.

Taking time to say Thank You.

Thinking about manners and being polite to people.

Taking time to listen.

Value Ambassadors for Appreciation

Gold Anthony For always being grateful for learning in Gold Class.
Silver Jena For always being polite to adults and being very grateful to them for all the help she is given by them in school.
Turquoise Elin For always being appreciative and excited to learn. She is thankful for all the opportunities she has had this year.
Green Hannah Appreciative for all the learning experiences in her class. She always shows gratitude to teachers by trying her best.
Purple Denisa For always being interested in different learning experiences.
Orange Jake He shows great appreciation for teaching and learning in his class. Always shows a keen interest in his learning.





The ability to make and act upon appropriate and sensible decisions

To recognise the consequences of one’s actions

To take care of oneself and one’s property

Responsibility is doing my share of the work

Responsibility is taking care of things

Responsibility is helping others when they need help

Responsibility is helping to make a better world

Value Ambassadors for Responsibilty

Gold Emily For always looking after her belongings and keeping the book area tidy.
Silver Maya For always being responsible for class equipment and helping to tidy and organise the classroom.
Turquoise Anjilina Takes care of classroom resources and looks after her own belongings.
Green Janki Looks after school property without being told. Picks up items of clothing outside classrooms and replaces them on pegs.
Purple Robert A very responsible member of the classroom. He looks after the classroom equipment and helps to keep the classroom tidy.
Orange Devyne For taking responsibility for all her belongings and her own learning. She is keen to do well.




Honesty is telling what really happened,

Honesty is telling the truth,

Honesty is about saying things in a kind, thoughtful way,

Honesty is showing and sharing their feelings,

Value Ambassadors for Honesty

Gold Kain For always telling the truth.
Silver Maria For always telling the truth in every situation.
Turquoise Zaccai For always being honest when he makes a mistake. He never lies.
Green Nathaniel For saying things in a kind a thoughtful way.
Purple George For always telling the truth, even when he knows he's made a mistake.
Orange Hughe For always telling the truth even when it is hard to do so.



We need to understand other people’s feelings

We have to understand each other’s differences and value them – culture, beliefs and abilities

 Show empathy for others

Value Ambassadors for Understanding

Gold Carson For always being understanding with his friends and showing respect to everyone.
Silver Jena Showing empathy towards other children and adults.
Turquoise Anastasia For being very inclusive and wants other children to be involved. She is able to see other children's points of view.
Green Eduard Good understanding and showing concern for other children's feelings.
Purple Kiyan For understanding everyone is different and special.
Orange Jessica Very respectful towards her teacher and friends. Always keen to do what she is told.


Compassion is understanding the feelings of others.

Compassion is having a warm heart.

Compassion is the desire to help others.

Value Ambassadors for Compassion

Gold Blessing Always thoughtful of other children's feelings.
Silver Alex Kind to his friend when she wasn't feeling very well. He showed concern and compassion.
Turquoise Hridiya Always helpful, kind and thoughtful to other children.
Green Dilan Always kind, polite and respectful to his friends and adults.
Purple Yasmin Always thinking about how others may be feeling.
Orange Francesca Always understands how other children are feeling and tries her best to help them.


Courage is the strength to stand up to difficulties and  fears and making choices.

Daring to attempt difficult things that are good

Courage is doing something you are a little afraid to do.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them

Value Ambassadors for Courage

Gold Maddox For developing confidence. Even if he feels unsure he never lets this stop him.He always has a go and puts his hand up and speaks in front of the class.
Silver Jessika For always continuing with her work even if it is challenging.
Turquoise Tommy Tommy has a very positive outlook on life. He always comes to school and is keen to learn.
Green Rachel For trying very hard with her work even when it is hard.
Purple William He takes risks with his learning and is keen to succeed.
Orange Luiza For developing lots of confidence to take risks with her learning. Nothing puts her off.


Never giving up but to keep trying to do your best.

To set ourselves goals and work towards them

Realising it is fine to make mistakes

Value Ambassadors for Determination  

Gold Greta For really trying hard with her work even when it was challenging. She did especially well during guided reading when reciting poems.
Silver Maria For showing great determination in Maths and not giving up until she gets the correct answer.
Turquoise Kuba For showing determination to improve his writing. This includes spelling and handwriting.
Green Mohammad For trying really hard in all areas of work. He has tried especially hard in English, where he has shown real determination.
Purple Mahir For showing determination to form his letters correctly.
Orange Taha For showing determination with his phonics.




  It is important to be generous with our actions, our words,

             our time, with money and about generosity of spirit. 



Taking turns, playing together

Cooperation is everyone helping to get something done.

Cooperation is working together toward a common goal.

Cooperation is working together with patience and


Value Ambassadors for Co-operation

  Child Reason
Gold Leonis For always getting on with what he has been asked to do.
Silver Malak For following instructions well. She gets on well with both adults and other children.
Turquoise Alishey For being very helpful. She is very keen to get on with her work and help her teacher.
Green Saiya For always being keen to help her teacher. She is very patient with her Maths partner and helps them.
Purple Eva For always being willing to work with other children in a co-operative and helpful way.
Orange Hevin For being a super Maths partner and for always co-operating with her teacher. 



Respect is about feeling good about yourself.

Respect is listening to others.

Respect is treating other people nicely.

Respect is knowing others are valuable too.

 Value Ambassadors for Respect



For always being respectful of other children and adults.



For helping to keep the classroom tidy.



For being helpful and always following classroom rules.



For good sitting and listening on the carpet and always showing good manners.



For always showing respect to the adults and children in our class.



For always respecting her friends, teacher and classroom.
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