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EYFS Curriculum

At Deansbrook Infant School we follow the early Years Foundations Stage Curriculum, planning from the children's interests.

We provide a rich and stimulating range of adult-led and child focussed activities that develop all areas of learning and work towards the children achieving the Early Learning Goals at the  end of their Reception year.



We follow the Primary National Strategy Letters and Sounds phonics programme from Nursery to Year 2.  It is a six-phase high quality phonics programme that demonstrates how words can be segmented for spelling and phonemes should be blended for reading.  The children are taught high frequency words that do not conform completely to grapheme/phoneme rules (tricky words).


KS1 Curriculum

In Key Stage 1 we plan through exciting half termly topics that we feel are inspiring and motivating for the children. Each topic starts with a WOW factor which introduces the topic to the children and can range from a visit or a visitor to the school or a special day of activities planned by the staff. The topics are then taught through weekly cross-curricular lessons that incorporate the National Curriculum learning objectives.   

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