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School Organisation and Staffing 2018/19


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Catley


Ms Simon

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Francis


Mrs Skidmore

Foundation Stage


Class Teacher

Mrs Griffiths

Key Stage 1 Leader/

Class Teacher

Mrs Erman

Class Teacher



Mrs Davis

Class Teacher

Miss Jiven

 Class Teacher

Mrs Hanton

 Class Teacher

Mrs Harris

 Class Teacher

Miss Smith

Class Teacher

Mrs Brooks

Class Teacher

Mrs Bharadia

Class Teacher

Mrs King

Class Teacher / EMA


Mrs Kumar

Class Teacher





Mrs Bell

PPA Cover Teacher





Mrs Hodge

Class Teacher





Ms Crabtree

Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants, Nursery Officers and Mealtime Supervisors

Mrs Ahmed - MTS



Miss Bernard - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Boyle - Nursery Officer 



Mrs Corrie - MTS



Mrs Crank - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Defoe - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dosa - Teaching Assistant and MTS



Mrs George - MTS
Miss Gleeson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hare - Nursery Officer



Mrs Ilyas - MTS



Mrs Ingrey - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jackson - Teaching Assistant



Mrs Kasker - MTS
Mrs Kortach - Nursery Officer
Mrs Lalor - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Maynard-Seath - Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Mizon - Teaching Assistant



Mrs Mohanathas - MTS
Mrs Murphy - Teaching Assistant



Mrs Muzsikus - MTS
Ms Ramsay - Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Shah - Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Shah - Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Shah - Teaching Assistant
Miss Storey - Teaching Assistant and MTS
Mrs Storey - HL Teaching Assistant
Mrs Streatfield - MTS



Mrs Sugarman - Teaching Assistant 

Miss Szeibert - MTS
Mrs Turner - Nursery Officer
Mrs Yousfi - MTS

Support Staff






Mrs Morrison

School Business



Mrs Gutwin


Miss Steedman

Admin Assistant


Mrs Knight

Learning Mentor


Mr Parnaby

Site Manager

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