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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' Page

What is the Governing Body?

School Governors are the school’s Board of Directors. The purpose of the Governing Body is:- 

  • to help the school set high standards by planning for the school's future, and setting targets for school improvements.
  • to be a critical friend to the school, offering the school its support and advice.
  • to help the school to be responsive to the needs of parents and the community and to make the school accountable to the public for what it does.

The governing body must ensure that in delivering its responsibilities, it promotes and safeguards the welfare of children.

Our responsibility is for overall policy. The day-to-day business of organising children’s learning and of managing time, space, staff and resources is for the professional team led by the headteacher. Along with the professional staff at our school we try to provide the best possible education for all the children.


What do the Governors do?

Working in Committees, Governors make decisions about the running of the school. The whole Governing Body meets once a term and the following sub-committee meetings are also held at least termly:

  • Finance and Premises,
  • Curriculum, Attainment and Standards,
  • Pupils, Parents and Community

These committees are responsible for:

  • Determining how the school's budget is spent
  • Forming policy on the school's curriculum
  • Setting standards for pupils' behaviour and discipline
  • Hearing appeals and grievances
  • Making sure school buildings are welcoming and safe
  • Setting and monitoring the school's aims and policies 
Name of Governor                                                                Relevant business interest and financial interestsGovernance roles in other schools Relationships with the school staff including spouses, partners & relatives
Julia Hutton-SquireNoneNoneNone
Carole CatleyNoneNoneNone
Jade CheungNoneNoneNone
Nick MailerNoneNoneNone
John ParnabyNoneNoneNone
Hugh RaynerNoneAnnunciation Junior SchoolNone
Judith SuissaNoneNoneNone
Nikki SimonNoneNoneNone
Ryan HannanNoneNoneNone
Roshi KlairNoneNoneNone
Rajen RajputNoneNoneNone
Penka Georgieva MihovNoneNoneNone
Ben MoahNoneNoneNon


Meet the Governors

Carole Catley (Headteacher)






I qualified as a teacher in 1997 and after teaching at a school for 8 years, I was the deputy at a school for 6 years and now have been the headteacher at Deansbrook Infant School for nearly 10 years. I passionately believe that every child has a right to an education and I know that an excellent nursery and infant education lays the foundations for success in the future.

As headteacher of Deansbrook Infant School I work with the Governing Body to plan the strategic development of the school, ensuring that our children are at the heart of every decision that we make.


Julia Hutton-Squire (Co-opted Governor - Chair)

Start date – April 2023

End date – April 2027

Committees - Finance & Premises

                        Pupil, Parents & Community


All our children deserve the best start that the school can give them, and I am committed to supporting the school in delivering that.  I was originally elected as a parent governor in 2010 when the eldest of my four daughters was in reception, and have been Chair of Governors since 2012.  My third daughter is currently at Deansbrook Infant School. 

I am a senior manager at Accenture, with a background in selling and running multi-million pound IT projects, so I bring relevant experience in HR, finance and procurement.  Prior to taking on the role of Chairman I was also a trustee of an Indian Children’s educational charity for which I had worked as a volunteer in South India.  While my children have been at Deansbrook I have helped with setting up our successful PTA.



Jade Cheung (Co-opted Governor - Vice Chair)

Start date – April 2023

End date – April 2027

Committees - Finance & Premises (Chair)

                        Curriculum, Attainment & Standards

I am Vice Chairman of the Governing Body, and Chairman of the Finance and Premises Committee at Deansbrook Infant School with an additional role as Pupil Premium Governor. I currently work in Local Government and I am a member of the local community involved in the life of Deansbrook Infant School since 2008.  My aims as part of the Governing Body include:

  • Supporting the provision of a stimulating school environment in which children can enjoy learning and achieve highly in all areas.
  • Strategic overview of our school policies, which are based upon a firm belief in equal opportunities for all children regardless of gender, disability, race, colour or creed.
  • A vision that children receive a broad and balanced education that will make them lifelong learners and give them the ability to succeed in today’s modern technological society.
  • To foster and encourage courtesy and self-confidence, so that children value themselves and their abilities and make a full contribution to the life of the school.

I hope your child will be happy and successful and enjoy their time at Deansbrook Infants.


Ryan Hannan (Parent Governor)

Start date – October 2021

End date – October 2025

Committees - Curriculum, Attainment & Standards

                         Pupils, Parents & Community



As a newly-appointed Parent Governor, I am proud to be more deeply involved with the vision of this vibrant school in the heart of our community. I have seen how Deansbrook has supported my daughter through to Year 2 from Nursery, in spite of the challenges of the Covid pandemic, and this shows Deansbrook’s commitment to our children. I have been working in education for many years with recent focus on operations and quality control and I am looking forward to contributing to the continued success of the school.

Nicola Simon - Deputy Head (Co-opted Governor)

Start date – April 2023

End date – April 2027

Committees – Finance & Premises

                         Pupil, Parents & Community

                         Curriculum, Attainment and Standards


John Parnaby - Staff Governor

Start date – January 2022

End date – January 2026

Committees – Finance & Premises

                         Pupil, Parents & Community

                         Curriculum, Attainment and Standards

Roshi Klair (Parent Govenor)

Start Date: October 2021

End Date: October 2025

Committees: Finance & Premises




As both of my children attend Deansbrook Infants, I wanted to become involved in assisting the operations of the school and also give back to the community for our future generations.

Nick Mailer (Co-opted Governor)

Start date – June 2019

End date – June 2023

Committees - Finance & Premises, 

                     Curriculum, Attainment & Standards

                      Pupil, Parents & Community


My daughter attended Deansbrook Infant School and then Deansbrook Junior School. I have thus experienced the full journey through the school as a parent, and now continue as a co-opted governor. I have special interest in computing and IT (I wrote the first book about the Internet's use in education).   I was a part of the panel of governors Ofsted interviewed in its last inspection, where the school retained its Good rating. I was pleased to be able to communicate the school's uncompromising commitment to being a caring and humane environment for its notably diverse range of children. This remains my overriding focus across my committee memberships.

Rajen Rajput (Parent Governor)

Start date – May 2021

End date – May 2025

Committees - Finance & Premises, 

                     Curriculum, Attainment & Standards



My eldest child joined Deansbrook Infant School in September 2020 and I was elected as one of the governors of the school soon after, in May 2021.  It’s a privilege to be involved in the operations of the school and to appreciate (a) how the school receives its funding and resources, and (b) how it uses those resources on the education and wellbeing of our children - to prepare them for their futures.

My full-time work is as a forensic accountant, so my skills include the hard-skills of accounting, data analysis, maths and business, and the softer skills of people management and negotiation.

Outside of my full-time work, I enjoy reading self-development books, eating good food, watching loud movies and spending time with friends and family.

My youngest child will be most-likely be enrolling in September 2023 so I anticipate a long future being involved with this outstanding school.

I am a sociable, positive and down-to-earth person – so if you see me around the school, please do stop to say hi.

Judith Suissa (Co-opted Governor)

Start date – 22/11/2022 

End date – 21/11/2026

Committees – Curriculum, Attainment and Standards

I am a passionate believer in public education and small schools tailored to the needs of their communities. My children went to a local  primary school and I am keen to give something back to the community through my work as a school governor.

I am Professor Emerita at UCL’s Institute of Education, where I worked for nearly twenty years, teaching and researching in the field of philosophy of education. Over many years, I have worked with teachers across all stages of both formal and informal education in thinking about how education can enrich people’s lives and change society for the better.

Deansbrook staff are committed to creating and sustaining a caring environment where all children  can flourish and enjoy learning, and I am proud to be on the Governing Board of the school and to support them in upholding their values and offering the best possible education to the children in their community.


Hugh Rayner (LA Governor)

Start date – November 2022

End date – November 2026

Committees - Finance & Premises, 



I am married with two grown up children and one grandchild.  I have a keen interest in education and the wellbeing of children.  I was a Councillor in Barnet for a number of years and currently run my own business.  I believe I can bring pragmatism and common sense to discussions about the school and its future.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the school in all its efforts in dealing with the pandemic and look forward to a bright future for the school, its staff and for the children.


Penka Georgieva Mihov (Parent Governor)

Start date – November 2023

End date – November 2027

Committees -  Curriculum and Standards, Pupil Parent and Community


I am very pleased to have joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor. Being a parent myself I am quite invested in children's well-being and development. With my daughter attending Deansbrook Infant School I am witnessing first hand the challenges she is facing and the support she is receiving and I am looking forward to supporting both the school and the children in their plans and needs in every way I can.

Professionally, I am working as a Senior Executive in a private company. I have Masters degree in Data Science - Data analytics and many years of experience in understanding needs and challenges and providing solutions for them. Personally, I enjoy spending time with my family and just love being outside or visiting places.

I am quite communicative and always ready for a chat. I also strongly believe in the power of giving and receiving. With our children being our future, by giving our best to help them now can only lead to us receiving their best in future. Let us all work together on successfully achieving that give and take balance.

Ben Amoah (Parent Govenor)

Start Date: November 2023

End Date: November 2027

Committees:  Curriculum and Standards, Pupil Parents and Community


I am Ben Amoah, proud father of Zadie in Red Class. I live locally on Church Close and have been a part of this community for most of my life, including as a member of John Keble Church just across the road. Professionally, I’m a lawyer with a passion for history and a supporter of Chelsea Football Club.

Cooking, especially barbecuing, is one of my greatest joys, allowing me to celebrate my Ghanaian heritage. I look forward to using my skills and experiences to contribute positively to our school’s community and to connect with all of our families to help create the best environment for our children.

Caroline Winston - Clerk

Governors with Special Responsibilities:

Pupil Premium Governor – Jade Cheung

Designated Governor for Safeguarding - Ryan Hannan


If you are interested in finding out more about the governing body, or even becoming a school governor yourself please contact the Chair of Governors, Julia Hutton-Squire, through the school office. 

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